Our driving lessons are usually given in two-hour blocks.  Each lesson is individual and based on the needs of the student.  If the student is an experienced driver and only interested in reviewing for the road test, the instructor will design that lesson for that student.  Six-hour courses usually consist of 3 two-hour lessons, but sometimes the student might prefer 2 three-hour lessons.  The first lesson usually includes general driving skills; the second, special skills (parallel parking, K-turns, navigating circles, etc.); and the third, a review of the entire course.

Road tests that are given at the Cherry Hill site will be charged the same rate as a two-hour lesson.  Our instructor will pick the student up an hour before the test is scheduled to begin and will review the parallel parking and K-turns, etc.,  and the student will take the test in our automobile.   Road tests given at both Mays Landing or Salem are charged as three-hour lessons, due to the distance and extra time required.

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